Christine Haberstock - Creator of the Kitajade Logo

South African born and raised Christine Haberstock is an internationally acclaimed artist, whose paintings are sought by collectors all over the world. Her works are displayed in public and private places, including the German Chancellery and the Olympiastadion Berlin. She has received art degrees from universities in Cape Town (Michaelis School of Art) and Los Angeles (Otis Parsons School of Design). Today she lives in Berlin where the hub of her creativity is the multi-disciplined art factory “Atelier 5”, a former bread bakery her grandfather owned.

Besides her own art, Christine also places great emphasis on working with children. She has created and lead Community Art Projects with under-privileged children all over the world, including New York, Dubai, Los Angeles and Cape Town. She is most emphatic on children in Berlin and thus she created and gifted the BIG Kitajade with the Logo design.

Usually her works are exquisitely feminine, using bold brushstrokes and a far from cautionary palette. Contradictions such as vulnerability, invincibility, passion and remoteness are laid bare. Christine paints her truth with sensual directness, her ambiguity within each gesture, her voice in perfect union with each canvas.